What we do

Troughs collect irrigation runoff for reuse

Troughs collect runoff for reuse

Growers recognize the need for water conservation and runoff management, and many are proactive about water conservation. But water is a critical component of plant growth and health, and changes to water management can be risky. Growers need information and training to achieve success in their water conservation efforts, and the Water Education Alliance for Horticulture aims to fill this gap.


Our goal is to reduce runoff and water-related disease, algae, biofilm, and crop nutrition issues in the greenhouse and nursery industry by increasing grower knowledge of water conservation technologies and practices.

To achieve our goal, we:

  • Bring growers and water industry representatives together in education-oriented, hands-on workshops
  • Ensure existing research and resources related to recycling water and reducing runoff are accessible to growers
  • Conduct original research to fill gaps in knowledge or practice

Our current projects focus on developing accessible educational materials. We are also researching practical methods to assess how well treatment technologies work to treat pathogens.

Why is water conservation and treatment important?

Water availability is a global concern that affects all aspects of society. Dwindling water supplies require careful choices about water consumption. Nursery and greenhouse growers collectively have the potential to both conserve water and reduce pollution by adopting water recycling measures.

Access to an adequate supply of high quality water is also a growing concern for the horticulture industry:

  • Drought, urbanization, and competing demands have decreased available irrigation water
  • Regulations on consumption and runoff impact greenhouse and nursery management and profitability

The Water Education Alliance for Horticulture strives to provide growers with the information they need to manage irrigation water effectively.  We appreciate your input.  If you have any resources you would like to see posted on our site, or if you have questions about water management or about the Alliance, please contact us.