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The Water Education Alliance for Horticulture is supported by several grant-funded projects and contributions from our industry sponsors.

If you are interested in contributing to the Alliance, please contact Paul Fisher at

  • AquaPulse Systems, Inc.

    AquaPulse Systems provides a unique and powerful chlorine dioxide treatment for water disinfection. This low dose non toxic solution has been recognized as one of the most promising technologies available. APS chlorine dioxide high efficiency on-site generators have multiple built-in safety features with in-line ORP monitoring, data recording and automatic data reporting for optimum water quality management.

  • Bio-Cide

    OXINE® is a proprietary blend of oxychloro compounds, including chlorine dioxide, that is uniquely effective at controlling biofilm and plant pathogens in irrigation water and throughout a facility. Exclusively available from Bio-Cide International, Inc., OXINE® is activated and applied with patented, simple-to-use, low-cost activation & delivery systems. Bio-Cide International is a leading supplier of EPA, FDA and USDA approved biocides being used by the world's leading vegetable processors, brewing & beverage companies and seafood & meat suppliers.

  • BioSafe Systems

    BioSafe Systems provides plant-safe, effective, and economical horticultural water treatment solutions. Our reduced-risk products work immediately and prevent mutational resistance without harming people, plants, or the environment. Professionals looking to mitigate and control a wide range of microorganisms including algae, bacteria, and fungi choose our activated peroxygen products.

  • Blackmore Company

  • Chem Fresh

    Chem Fresh is the manufacturer of Oxcide®, a unique hypochlorous solution. Applied continuously in a water system, it provides a mild oxidative effect that prevents scale and biofilms to form, and slowly dissolves any existing deposits. Oxcide® is non-hazardous, has no phyto-toxicity, is OMRI listed as organic and NSF 60 approved for drinking water. Oxcide® is being used successfully in hundreds of horticulture applications with great results.

  • Dramm

    DRAMMwater specializes in delivering water to your plants that encourages the best plant health. DRAMMwater provides evaluation and diagnosis of water chemistry and water management systems to identify problems and design the integrated systems required. An effective water disinfection system requires integration of systems and components from the water source to the irrigation valve. DRAMM provides water analysis, ozone disinfection systems, bio-filtration systems, aeration systems, filtration systems, reverse osmosis, water storage and high efficiency pumping systems.

  • Fafard et Freres

  • Greencare Fertilizers, Inc.

  • Griffin Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies

  • Pindstrup Mosebury

  • Premier Horticulture

  • Pulse Instruments

    Pulse Instruments is a leading provider of innovative instruments, monitors and analytical meters for the greenhouse, nursery and horticulture industry, to measure pH, ORP, EC, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Peroxy Acetic Acid (POAA), Temperature, Relative Humidity, Digital Recorders, Flow Meters, Level monitoring, and injection equipment. Applications include soil testing, water treatment, water disinfection monitoring and control, pH adjustment and acid injection systems.

  • Quality Analytical Labs

  • Sun Gro Horticulture