The Alliance and Clean WateR3

Monitoring irrigation water

The Water Education Alliance for Horticulture is a partnership between universities and industry that aims to educate greenhouse and nursery growers on using water efficiently and sustainably. The Alliance began in 2008 to provide growers with science-based irrigation information. The initiative is led by Dr. Paul Fisher at the University of Florida and is funded by industry sponsors and the WateR3 grant.

Clean WateR3 is a federally funded Specialty Crops Research Initiative grant focused on research and outreach to help growers Reduce, Remediate and Recycle irrigation water. The grant team is managed by Dr. Sarah White at Clemson University and includes many research collaborators.

The Alliance and Clean WateR3 welcome and encourage participation from other organizations and researchers. If you have general questions or comments about water quality, technologies, or monitoring, we would like to hear from you at

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